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Cold rum, egg, maionese low carb sauce

December 29, 2012

1 avokado in pieces

1 dl majonase

2 chopped onions

75 g egg rum

1/2 red onion

black pepper



Kale, brussels sprouts, apple and bacon/facon salad

December 25, 2012

Apples in pieces

Some cinnamon

Some Sukrin

1 lemon


Brussels sprouts



White pepper


Bacon or Facon

Toxin free super easy to make deodorant

December 23, 2012


I blended a home made toxin free deodorant some time ago. I had come across a mentioning that baking soda could do the trick some time ago, but did not really believe it. Not interested in smelling bad.

But as I had seen a bunch of salt based pricey “natural” once, I decided to give this baking soda salt one a try.

It is amazing. I have no smell, at all.

How to make it:

I filled this 30 ml/1 oz container little more then half way and added about 0.5 teaspoon (or closer to a full one not sure) of baking soda (Natron/Bikarbonat).

Let it sit until it had dissolved.

It works better then my regular deodorants. Very odd. But fantastic. And cheap!

I use some on my face too sometimes. I got curious, as it works so great at controlling odor (assuming it has to do something to those odor producing bacteria), and (maybe by coincidence – I have also given up gluten at the moment) my skin is much better…not as easily irritated.

There is a bunch of alkaline washing and shampoo products on the market these days… Not sure what I think of them…

Stress puts the hormones off balance – the body induces higher acid production – which destabilizes gut flora – which cause body inflammation.. – meditation and yoga is the key – but maybe this alkaline spray at least does some to help with the buffering process… Just a thought.

Cauliflower risotto with low carb and very tasty meatballs

December 22, 2012


minced meat – 50% pork 50% beef

1 egg

Black pepper

Herbs the Provance- if you like

chicken stock or some other stock

1/2 tsp baking soda (sounds odd, but it makes them fluffier..)

Add the melted chicken stock and some of the baking soda to the minced meat and work this in to the meat with a fork. Salt brings out the proteins and makes the meat merge.. and form a dough.. This takes at least 10 minutes.

Add in the egg and pepper and blend again.

Form the meatballs and fry in a medium hot pan with a good amount of (preferably flavorless) coconut oil and butter. When they have a good crust lower temperature.

Saffron “Swedish cheese cake”/egg cake

December 18, 2012


Zucchini spagetti bolognese with pesto and parmesane

December 18, 2012

Make “spaghetti” from vegetables like zucchini, daikon (rättika), carrots, etc. This is done with a so called spiraler. I bought mine here for 399 SEK  (roughly 40 EUR).

Below zucchini spaghetti served with a typical bolognese topping and some home made basil pesto.


Low carb coconut cream chocolate pudding

December 16, 2012

Put a can of coconut milk in the fridge (cold) over night. The milk will separate into its components coconut water and coconut cream on top.  Open the can and remove the coconut cream (not the coconut water at the bottom) into a bole and whip with an electric beater, so it gets fluffy. Melt some dark chocolate, 50 gram or more. Pour in the melted chocolate in the coconut cream  while stirring. Potentially add some liquid stevia ( a drop or two) if you do not find it sweet enough. Pour into small cups and put in the refrigeration for minimum 10 minutes. Though the longer you leave it in there the more firm it gets (almost like truffles after a few days) . Delicious as is or with topping of whipped cream.


Pancakes with bacon or rimed pork with non sweetened blackberry or lingonberry jam

December 16, 2012


For the pancakes follow the same recipe as previous dessert post, namely:

2 eggs

1 dl double cream

1 dl almond flouer or coconut flour

A pinch of salt

Whip eggs and cream and add remaining ingredients. Fry in a mix of butter and non-hydrogenated coconut oil with or without the sweet coconut taste.

Fry the rimed pork and serve with some non sweetened jam


Low carb Swedish thin pancakes

December 16, 2012


2 eggs

1 dl double cream

1 dl almond flouer or coconut flour

A pinch of salt

Whip eggs and cream and add remaining ingredients. Fry in a mix of butter and non-hydrogenated coconut oil with or without the sweet coconut taste.

Serve with some berries and whipped cream or as in the picture home made sugar free blackberry jam

Easy to make low carb coconut/coconut oil chocolate “balls”

December 16, 2012


2 dl gram liquid virgin (non refined) coconut oil with taste of coconut

2 dl gram coconut flakes

1/2 dl crushed hazelnuts

1/2 dl chopped almonds

2 tablespoon cacao

2 tbs raw cacao nibs

A pinch of vanilla extract/powder (1 kryddmått vaniljpulver)

A pinch ground cardamum (1 kryddmått kardemumma, mald)

Some stevia (6-8 droops) or other sweetener such as Erythritol, after taste

A pinch or more of sea salt (preferably flakes) to enhance the chocolate taste

& 2 tsp of e.g. maca root powder if you have some, for adrenal gland support

Blend all the ingredients, the dry first then the liquid coconut oil, then  taste to see if you need any more stevia or possibly some sukrin (erythriol). The mix should be a little bit like porridge.. cover a tray with a baking paper, powder this with some ground coconut and spread out the mixture and flatten it so that it is roughly 1 to 1.5 cm high, powder with coconut again. Make some marks with a knife how large the pieces should be, making it easier to divide them later. Put in the fridge or your ice covered balcony and let stale. When it has hardened crack into pieces and put in a jar. Keep  refrigerated mainly.

You can also choose to put the bole with mixed ingredients in the fridge 20 minutes to then roll the solid “dough” into balls and cover them in ground coconut. -Rounder but obviously more work.

At the moment I buy my coconut oil here , when in Sweden.