Toxin free super easy to make deodorant


I blended a home made toxin free deodorant some time ago. I had come across a mentioning that baking soda could do the trick some time ago, but did not really believe it. Not interested in smelling bad.

But as I had seen a bunch of salt based pricey “natural” once, I decided to give this baking soda salt one a try.

It is amazing. I have no smell, at all.

How to make it:

I filled this 30 ml/1 oz container little more then half way and added about 0.5 teaspoon (or closer to a full one not sure) of baking soda (Natron/Bikarbonat).

Let it sit until it had dissolved.

It works better then my regular deodorants. Very odd. But fantastic. And cheap!

I use some on my face too sometimes. I got curious, as it works so great at controlling odor (assuming it has to do something to those odor producing bacteria), and (maybe by coincidence – I have also given up gluten at the moment) my skin is much better…not as easily irritated.

There is a bunch of alkaline washing and shampoo products on the market these days… Not sure what I think of them…

Stress puts the hormones off balance – the body induces higher acid production – which destabilizes gut flora – which cause body inflammation.. – meditation and yoga is the key – but maybe this alkaline spray at least does some to help with the buffering process… Just a thought.


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3 Responses to “Toxin free super easy to make deodorant”

  1. annasparre Says:

    AK!! Hur gör man då? Deon alltså, hittar ingen text. Lr kanske ett skämt inser jag

    • nyman. Says:

      Åh, jag hade visst glömt lägga till infon. Det är nästan lite för lätt att ladda upp foton. Men nu är det åtgärdat. Berkrivning på plats. No joke.

  2. Gör egen kemikaliefri deodorant | by Anna Sparre Says:

    […] […]

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