Swedish meatballs for Xmas

This time we did double batch of meatballs to last us through Xmas.

1200 minced pork meat
2 tsp salt
Some stock (1 buljongtärning)
3 boils potatoes
1 large onion
Black pepper

Add the salt to the minced meat and process the “meat dough” with a fork. The salt will lyse/break the cells of the meat and bring the proteins out to blend with the fat and water present, forming a “dough”.
Grate the potatoes (finely) and add with two eggs and black pepper, and also add 1.5 tsp baking powder.
Grate the onion and fry at medium temperature to loose. It should not turn brown only a little translucent. Dissolve some stock in a little water. Add to the fried onion and let cool a little. Add to the dough while stirring. Taste the raw dough and season with a little more salt and pepper if required.
Put a little cold water in a cup and damp your hands a little before rolling the meatballs. The dough should be a little louse to be juicy, but firm enough to roll.
Heat two or three pans to high temperature and add some butter. Add in the meatballs and move the pan back and forth. The pan needs to be very hot so that the dough don’t stick to the pan and to get a nice crust. Lower the temperature after a while to finish.





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