(Whole) Orange lemon marmalade jam – food for gut flora (pectin rich peal)


Soluble fibers feed our gut flora. May of us have a compromised gut flora and we need to increase the number of species to at least 150 individual types. Examples of soluble fibers are pectin (in fruit), inulin (vegetables) or meat polysaccharides, e.g. chondroitin sulfate. Plant wall polysaccharides such as pectin etc. are very complex in structure and need a range of different enzymes to be digested down to simple sugars. On need a range of different bacterial species in the colon to achieve this. Digestion of diverse vegetables require hundreds of different species.

Pectin is therefore a good food to consume as well as other soluble plant fibers to feed a diverse and healthy gut flora.  Pectin is present in very high levels in citrus fruit peel. It is also present in apples and tomatoes but in much lower quantities.

I brought some organic oranges and lemons to make lower sugar marmalade, to have as a source of pectin and also as a lower sugar spread for my hemp/flax flour pancakes.

I decided to add some extra water to this and both use the pectin present for the gelling and also add some extra gelatin to thicken it. This as I dont want to concentrated the sugar in the orange juice more then necessary, but use this as flavoring mainly. My target is to make a high pectin, low sugar and tasty orange spread.

I used about 5 oranges and 3 lemons, 8 dl water and 5 gelatin sheets and maybe 2 dl sweetener (stevia, erythritol), a little Whisky and some vanilla extract.

I cut the whole citrus fruits in half and cut them in to orange “wedges(?)” (klyftor), this way it was easier to spot and remove the seeds. The seeds and white part of the peal contains a lot of pectin so these were put in a little cheese cloth or steal tea “holder” to include in the pot. I used my food processor to  chop the orange wedges extra finely (otherwise I would have to slice the oranges very thinly).

Add the citrus fruit and water to a big pot and let boil for 40 minutes under lid. Add the remaining ingredients and let boil 20 minutes more without lid. The marmalade should preferably reach about 104 °C  (220-221°F) for good consistency.  I guess this is easier to reach of sugar is added. I stopped at 98°C.. I added the gelatin sheets to cold water a few minutes and after removing the marmalade from heat blended in the gelatin. I let it sit for a while and cool and then blended a few times to make sure the gelatin was mixed in properly. I separated the marmalade into jar while still warm and tried to fill them up as high as possible to produce little space for air and microorganisms to grow. I turned the jars upside down for part of the cooling process.

The marmalade came out slightly thinner then I would have preferred so I will add a little more gelatin next time. Also I may potentially add a little more stevia or maybe xylose etc. next time.


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