“Oatmeal feel” coconut flax porridge


This little experiment is somewhat of a dream to a swedish breakfast freak like me. I adore swedish oatmeal porridge. I loved making it with full fat milk instead of with water and preferably pretty dense, let it sit on the stove for a while. Served with apple jam or lingon berry jam or just cinnamon and sugar.

(one portion)
Add about 1-2 dl of liquid (you can always add more later) of your choice to a small pot. You can use ful fat lactose free milk, or almond milk or water with some cream, etc. Then add 1 Tbsp of coconut flour and a dash of cinnamon (like half a tsp of you love cinnamon like me), a pinch of salt and a few drops of stevia (corresponding to 1 tsp of sugar maybe). Stir with a whisk to dissolve the coconut while heating the mixture. Whisk in an egg and about 2 Tbsp whey protein powder while stirring, keep it on the stove for a minute or so then whisk in 1-1.5 Tbsp flax flour (I use golden flax seed flour), you can also grind your own fresh flax flour with a coffee grinder. Remove from stove.

Suggestions. Today I did a slightly different  (paleo) version of this. Yesterday night I added 5 or 7 almonds to a glass of  cold water in my fridge and let it sit over night. This morning I added a little extra water and mixed the water and the almonds with my magic bullet personal blender, making almond milk.. I transfered all on it to the pot, the small almond bits and all and followed my recipe above. I actually added a dash of MCT oil as well, but you really don’t need to. I just like to use a little of this healthy oil regularly and a little extra fat in the porridge is never bad. A pinch of butter would probably be really nice too, or coconut oil, if we are to stick with the paleo version.

I served this with cinnamon and erythritol sugar (crystals) and today I also topped it off with a tsp spoon of my low carb orange jam, which went very well with the cinnamon..

The Whey protein powder can be replaced with eggs or pea or rice protein powder as well. The whey protein in combination with a low carb diet helps disrupt the gut flora and which can help facilitating a quicker transfer to a healthier gut flora. “the milk whey protein used in the shakes is high in lactoferrin, a protein found useful in controlling bacterial pathogens, e.g. Clostridium dificil, and intestinal candidiasis”.


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