Breakfast of champions – low carb high protein paleo porridge


(1 larger portion)

Add 2 dl almond milk or 2 dl water with 2 Tbsp coconut oil (or more MCT), add in once the water boils.
Add 1 tsp of cinnamon and 2 Tbsp coconut flour, a pinch of salt and some stevia drops. When it starts boiling whisk in 1 egg,  (or an extra egg if you don’t want to use protein powder), keep stirring for 30 seconds while heating, take the pot off heating and whisk in 2 Tbsp whey protein powder and 1 Tbsp (golden) flax seed flour (buy flax flour or make your own in a coffee grinder), remove from stove and let sit for a few minutes.

Serve with cinnamon, a tini pinch of salt and granulated erythritol sweetener and possibly top it off with a low carb topping like orange jam (the pectin in the peal is good for feeding a diverse/healthy gut flora) and serve with some coconut milk, almond milk, cream or homemade low calorie cream.
The whey protein powder can be replaced with one more egg or an egg-white/ egg-white protein powder or rice -, pea protein powder. (I’m using whey protein powder here as I am doing some bad gut flora clean out and whey has anti microbial properties, “high in lactoferrin, a protein found useful in controlling bacterial pathogens, e.g. Clostridium dificil, and intestinal candidiasis”)

Nutritional profile: this has 230 kcal with 31% from protein, 61 % from fat and 4% from carbohydrates. You can also add in butter or extra MCT oil if you want to increase calorie content etc.

(Option for almond milk: Soak 8-10 almonds in a little bit of water in the fridge over night. Remove water and replace/ blend with 2 dl cold water in a type magic bullet personal blender, producing almond milk, with teeny tiny almond bits).


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