Low calorie cream/ low carb “milk”


Three portions:
As I try to reduce the amount of milk sugar and milk protein in my diet I try to use full fat products as much as possible, but for milky shakes and milk for my porridge the calories tend to build up when using double cream. So I made my own light version.

In a magic bullet cup I add about 2.5 dl cold water and 0.5 dl double cream, several droops of stevia (milk is sweet) and about 1/10th of a tsp (0.5 krm in Swedish) of xanthan gum. You can possibly also use guar gum or a combination of the two. Blend until smooth. I serve this with dessert or low carb porridge or low carb coffee drinks. You can also do this with coconut milk.
Inspiration comes from I breath I’m hungry’s lovely low carb gluten free blog.
In total 190 kcal which is about 65 kcal per serving.


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