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Chewy coconut cinnamon jello fudge

May 27, 2014

Heat 2 dl coconut milk + 1 dl water in a pot, add stevia, cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom, a pinch of salt and 3 Tbsp coconut flour and 1 Tbsp hazelnut flour. Remove from heating and whisk in 2-4 Tbsp gelatin, depending on desired consistency (two would be like a firm panna cotta), stir for a few minutes to ensure mixing. Mix 2 dl coconut milk with 1/2 dl whey protein powder (optional. Here used to increase protein content) and 2 Tbsp cacao powder. Add the coconut whey mixture to the pot and whisk. Pour into a deep baking tray of any kind, covered with baking paper. I added some sprinkle of 90% chocolate pieces and also some raw cacao nibs. Let sit in the fridge for a few hours before slicing it up to serve!


Fennel & haricoverts with herring in tomato sauce & poached egg

May 27, 2014

Using a mandolin, grate a fennel thinly. Add to a frying pan with a little butter or coconut oil with a splash of water and cover with a lid. Chop up an onion and add to the pan together with a thawed bag with haricoverts. Let cook for a while more. Add 2 Tbsp of heavy cream and 1 Tbsp creme cheese, salt & pepper. Serve with herring in tomato sauce and a poached egg & home made MCT avocado mayonnaise.

Cauliflower & herring in creamy mustard

May 27, 2014


Homemade MCT / avocado oil mayonnaise

May 18, 2014



Why: The typical seed based flavor neutral vegetable oils like rape seed, canola, sunflower oil are all highly inflammatory. These are fats high in omega6, poly unsaturated fats, which makes it easier to oxidize. Before industrializations nobody tried to squeeze seeds for oil. This only become possible with heavy high pressure machinery and chemicals. Vegetable oil extraction further ruins the fats. Omega6 could potentially have some benefits in its natural form in e.g. raw sunflower seeds but not after chemical/high temp and pressure extraction and processing. MCT oil is a flavor less and very healthy that is a very good substitute when making Mayonnaise for instance. I usually use coconut oil for most things but that does not quite work in mayonnaise, making it a little dry.. Between the raw (organic) egg yolks and the MCT/avocado oil this is the perfect toping for all sorts of food that will keep your brain in perfect health and protect your cells in general. Below I have chosen to flavor it with vinegar, avocado oil and dijon mustard but you can choose all sorts of other flavor ranges, even sweet. 

How to: Whisk 3 egg yolks (electrical whisk or hand held blender directly in a glass jar) while very slowly pouring in (dribble) of MCT oil, it is important to do this slowly at the beginning or the process. After a while add 1 tsp Dijon mustard, some Tbsp of (sugar free “mizkan”) white vinegar after taste (1/2 to 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice or white vinegar per dl oil added), 3(?) drops of stevia to balance the acid. Some acid improves taste profile and also increases shelf life as most bad bacteria don’t like lower pH.  Alternate the MCT oil with a little bit of Avocado oil for flavor. Sprinkle with a little salt. If too thick dilute with a tbsp of water to start with.

Asparagus bacon & homemade mayonnaise

May 14, 2014


Tuna onion fry

May 13, 2014


Add some butter to a pan together with a can of tuna (in water), fry a little. Add a coarsely chopped onion some cream and a tsp water and cook together. Grate in one carrot. Mineral salt & pepper to taste. Serve with a little home made mayonese.

Eggs in red bell pepper rings with Parmesan mushrooms

May 12, 2014

Fry some brown mushrooms in butter at high temp for only a few minutes, transfer to a plate and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Cut a few paprika rings and place in a cooking pan in the stove with some butter to cook gently.
Crack an egg in each ring or whisk a few eggs very lightly and pour in. Salt & pepper and Parmesan cheese.

Cranberry Jello / gummy bears (1 Tbsp gelatin/dl liquid)

May 12, 2014

Edit. This is the best version I have found for making jello. This is 1 Tbsp or gelatine powder per dl liquid. Get a glass jar that rooms 7 dl of liquid. Fill it with 4 dl cold liquid with flavor of your choice.  Sometimes I’ll use cold fruit tea, sometimes light green tea, tulsi tea, water lemon juice and lemon zest, or Funlight type lemonade (like forest fruit) swetened with aspartame or stevia, cranberry concentrate and water… the flavor is up to you. Add 2 tsp (at least) of vitamin C powder aka ascorbic acid and potentially some drops of stevia. Prepare 6 (or 7) Tbsp of gelatin powder in a cup and while stirring (vigorously) with a little spoon pour it all in at once. This will quickly form a thick slurry (almost like half melted snow). Now add in 2 dl or boiling hot water or tea, etc. while stirring (vigorously again, we don’d want the gelatin to become too warm as it then loose its gelling properties) until it is all dissolved. Put the lid on and let cool in the fridge over night. You can also pour this into a baking tray (coated with baking paper) and this way you can easily flip it out upside down and cut into cubes. I sometimes use citric acid instead of ascorbic acid and can add up to 1-3 Tbsp in combination with stevia. Some details on why gelatin is good for you The amino acids in gelatin is anti-inflammatory. It supports healthy intestines, skin and joints. It balances hormone levels, mainly it helps where Estrogen is dominant and promotes Progesterone, and thus it helps with mood-swings.. 20140512-164304.jpg

Scrambled eggs with onion, bacon, tomato and Parmesan cheese

May 12, 2014


Fry bacon in a pan, add coarsely chopped yellow onion after a while (not to get too soft) and then sliced tomatoes. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Remove the pan from heating, add a little butter, crack two eggs, a splash of cream some grated (regular hard cheese), salt and pepper. Cook at high temperature while heating. Remove while still creamy and sprinkle with Parmesan.

Low carb flax almond crackers

May 8, 2014


2 dl golden flax seed flour
1 dl almond flour
1 Tbsp dried Parmesan cheese
A pinch of salt
3 eggs
Mix together vigorously – the flax will get sticky quickly so if you are slow you won’t be able to mix it properly. Let the dough rest 10 minutes in the fridge or freezer.
Roll flat between two baking papers and bake until golden..
After heat to make them extra crispy.