Cranberry Jello / gummy bears (1 Tbsp gelatin/dl liquid)

Edit. This is the best version I have found for making jello. This is 1 Tbsp or gelatine powder per dl liquid. Get a glass jar that rooms 7 dl of liquid. Fill it with 4 dl cold liquid with flavor of your choice.  Sometimes I’ll use cold fruit tea, sometimes light green tea, tulsi tea, water lemon juice and lemon zest, or Funlight type lemonade (like forest fruit) swetened with aspartame or stevia, cranberry concentrate and water… the flavor is up to you. Add 2 tsp (at least) of vitamin C powder aka ascorbic acid and potentially some drops of stevia. Prepare 6 (or 7) Tbsp of gelatin powder in a cup and while stirring (vigorously) with a little spoon pour it all in at once. This will quickly form a thick slurry (almost like half melted snow). Now add in 2 dl or boiling hot water or tea, etc. while stirring (vigorously again, we don’d want the gelatin to become too warm as it then loose its gelling properties) until it is all dissolved. Put the lid on and let cool in the fridge over night. You can also pour this into a baking tray (coated with baking paper) and this way you can easily flip it out upside down and cut into cubes. I sometimes use citric acid instead of ascorbic acid and can add up to 1-3 Tbsp in combination with stevia. Some details on why gelatin is good for you The amino acids in gelatin is anti-inflammatory. It supports healthy intestines, skin and joints. It balances hormone levels, mainly it helps where Estrogen is dominant and promotes Progesterone, and thus it helps with mood-swings.. 20140512-164304.jpg


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