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Pesticides, less friendly bacteria and GMO is not what we should worry about primarily..

June 15, 2014

Dr. Art Ayers said…

Kimchi and fermented meats can both be useful sources of gut flora, but commercial products contain carefully designed mixtures of lactic acid bacteria and not the additional bacteria present opportunistically in homemade ferments. The commercial varieties will only grow well under manufacturing conditions and not in the gut.

The gut provided a series of highly selective growth conditions of temp, oxygen, salinity, pH, nutrients, etc. Bacteria in the biofilms lining the gut are stimulated to release and exchange their DNA to form mixtures of all of the hundreds of species of bacteria in the gut. The growth conditions select for the combinations of genes that grow best. Those key genes are used to characterize species of gut bacteria and the remaining genes may differ dramatically. Thus, E.coli in Boise and E.coli in Paris share the typical Ecoli genes that determine is growth location, but the rest differ. That is why gut microbiome analysis based on species rRNA may not be as significant as the genes and total metabolic diversity present.

The bottom line, from my perspective is that health is based on a steady stream of candidate species/genes to produce a stable, diverse gut microbiome. Processed foods produce the opposite.

(on the topic of introducing less perfect gut bacteria)…..I agree with many of the possible problems, but most are dwarfed by just processed foods, vegetable oils, sugars, wheat and amylase-sensitive starch. That means that the rest are not major problems, any more than are bad genes. I fear not GMOs or glyphosate, yet I know them well.

Thus, all we need do is fix our gut flora (always possible with homemade ferments) and eat good food. The rest fixes itself. The healthy body skips over environmental toxins and eats parasites. Pathogens are just undomesticated friends.

With a cheap $10M project to develop a factory scale system to produce freeze dried fecal transplant capsules, I think that the American health costs could be reduced by a billion dollars. Such initiatives coupled with real diets could quickly revolutionize healthcare and eliminate the medical personnel shortage while permitting universal medical care.

Did I balance your Debbie Downer? I seriously think that the human body’s compensating capacity is underestimated based on extrapolation from the unusual fragility imposed by attacking gut flora by starvation and antibiotics. Evolution can’t compensate for food processing, antibiotics, Caesarian sections or formula, but environmental toxins (plants are much worse) and GMOs are no big deal. Not that we have to put up with other people’s sloppy money making schemes, but biology is more potent.”

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