Coconut cardamom chia porridge-pudding

Some argue there is too much carbs in chia seeds. Well, most of the carbs in Chia are fibers and non digestable and only utilised by our gut microbes (of 44% carbohydrates, 38% are fibers, leaving 6% of digestible carbohydrates) and also not that much seeds are needed in many of the recipes. The below makes 3 or 4 portions. 1 dl chia seeds with 3 dl coconut-milk (preferably in box/tetra pak, best brand around where I live is AROY-D) 1 tsp cardamon 1/2 tsp cinnamon A few drops of sweetener (stevia or sukrin) to taste (not required) Mix together in a jar. Wait 3 minutes while it begins to thicken, stir again, put on the lid and let sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or longer (preferably until the next day). Serve with a few defrosted soft raspberries stirred with a little sukrin. Totally delicious! I happened to use a low fat coconut milk this time which made the texture very light – which was good too. Next time I may try regular coconut milk with a little almond milk. Regular coconut milk gives it a delicious thick creaminess…



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  1. Superenkel och god chia-gröt/chia-pudding | by Anna Sparre Says:

    […] Min kompis AK bjöd mig på lite chia-pudding till efterrätt när hon var hemma i Sverige sist. Vanligen gör hon den så här […]

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