Sour wine gummies

2015/03/img_0998.jpg 2015/03/img_0996.jpg

1 egg white (optional)

3 dl flavoured cold liquid

2 dl gelatin powder (poured in at once)

1-2 tsp citric acid (or 2 tsp ascorbic acid)

Lots of stevia drops

2-3 dl boiling water

1 egg white 3 dl cold liquid (flavor of choice) Stevia (to take out some of the sour taste, so lots of it) 1 Tbsp citric acid 2 dl gelatin powder 2 dl boiling water Use a large heat durable bowl, like glass or ceramics. Add the egg white and whisk this fluffy. Then add the 3 dl of flavored liquid, the stevia and citric acid. Measure up 2 dl gelatin and pour it all in AT ONCE while whisking frenetically for 30 seconds. Pour over 2-3 dl boiling water and gently stir so that the gelatin melts. Pour into a baking tray covered with baking paper and let settle in the fridge over night. Next morning remove it from the baking tray and place on a cutting board. Pull it from the baking paper and flip it upside sown and cut into long strings and then small pieces. I made three versions of these. In one I grated the zest of one organic lemon and squeezed the juice. I still don’t find it sour enough so I still added the citric acid (and blended in some ascorbic acid as well, though it is not as sour), I also added in some grape fruit extract that I happened to have in the fridge, hoping for some good sour and bitter flavors. The other two batches was made with 1 dl concentrated (unsweetened) cranberry juice and the remaining 2 dl water, though in one batch I replaced some water with squeezed lemon juice and forest fruit sugar free concentrate (that one use for the soda streamer) to make it extra sweet. In one batch I also added a little magnesium citrate as that’s something I want family members to eat.. and it aids in the sour taste 🙂 This is a nice way to get some extra gelatin into once system. Preferably one should eat bone marrow daily, but as that wont happen this is second best. According to Ray Peat one should eat 1 Tbsp of gelatin per day for improved skin elasticity, balanced hormones and longevity. The amino acids in gelatin have an anti-inflammatory effect contrary to muscle protein and also helps digestion. “…35% of the amino acids in gelatin are glycine, 11% alanine, and 21% proline and hydroxyproline…glycine, have a very broad range of cell-protective actions. The degenerative and inflammatory diseases can often be corrected by the use of gelatin-rich foods.” (I buy my gelatin powder on-line, in 1 kg packagings, here)


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