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Crunchy pizza crust

August 9, 2015

4 egg whites whipped into stiff peaks
1/2 dl coconut flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 dl water
2 Tbsp gelatin powder
1 dl flax seed flour
125 g cottage cheese
2 Tbsp coconut oil (flavour free?)
Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. At once add the cottage cheese, oil, water and egg whites, mix together vigorously with a spatula. Let thicken and transfer to a baking paper (on a baking tray). Cover with an other baking paper and use e.g. a wine bottle to flatten the dough over the entire pan.

Bake for 10-15 minutes in 200°C or so or until it looks somewhat baked and a little crispy on top. Take out and flip, brush a little olive oil on top and bake a little more. Then add toping like tomato pure blended with some Italian herbs, a drop of stevia and spread.. Salami, some pieces of bell peppers, mushrooms and finally top up with grated cheese and some pieces of mozzarella! Bake until melted.



Red wine slow cooked minced meat with cauliflower rice and smoked pork rind flavour..

August 5, 2015

0.5 kg minced meat, a large chopped onion, bay leaf and bottle of red wine is added to a slow cooker for 12 hours. Then add some stock, more chopped onions, red bell peppers and one cauliflower head grated to rice size grains. Salt and pepper. Slow cook for 2 hours more.

Chilantro pesto salad with bacon scrambled eggs and cremed mushrooms 

August 5, 2015