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February 21, 2016

here is a batch of really nice homemade mayonnaise made in 5 minutes flat. 


You need one roughly 0,5L glass jar, an immersion blender and below ingredients at room temperature.

2 raw eggs (organic…)

200g meted butter (I use Kerry Gold ;))

2 dl rapeseed oil (replace as much as you want with olive/avocado oil if you don’t mind the taste)

1 Tbsp sweet mustard

The juice from 1/2-1 lemons

Some herbs the Provence


White pepper

Stevia drops (like 10)

I also added a pinch/”knife edge” of cayenne pepper, curry powder (and chicken stock)

Add everything to the jar, stick down the blender into the yolk at the bottom. Blend for 20 seconds then slowly pull it up so it all gets mixed in.

Due to the butter this will thicken significantly when refrigerated so I also add in some almond milk, roughly 1-2 dl maybe and stirr vigorously.


Note to self on poached eggs

February 19, 2016

I just poached an egg and that went pretty well. I’ve previously heard J Oliver talk about this. Most important is that the eggs should be FRESH. That’s key to success in this. I boiled a bunch of water, added lots of salt and then just let the water simmer while I stirred once so the water slowly started turning in a circle in the pot, just in time for when I cracked the egg into the middle of the “swirl”. The water should not move fast at all, then the effect is the opposite and the egg is mixed out in the water. The slow movement rather helps the egg white hold together and kind of fold over itself.. Let simmer for 3 minutes roughly. Enjoy!!