AKs “superfoods” what to not eat, detox and key to health details

What to consume and in abundance:

Above ground growing vegetables are usually a very rich source of vitamin C and a range of antioxidants, but mainly they provide us with soluble vegetable fibers that are digested in the large intestines by our gut flora. Our gut flora provides us with the majority or vitamins we need they also serve to produce and program our immune system! If the gut flora is unbalanced (e.g. through an over population of the bacteria programming the aggressive part of the immune cells this is a major cause of auto immune diseases). The most important thing is to feed your gut flora, regularly, with vegetable fibers. Grain fibers has a disrupting effect on the intestines, grains and grain fibers are bad.

1. Eat above ground growing vegetables and be consistent with this, dont constantly switch diet and vegetables, commit to eating the vegetables you choose fairly regularly. e.g. cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, (mushrooms,) daikon etc. Cabbage – rich in fibers (food for the gut), minerals and sulfur which helps the liver break down toxins so that they can be excreted. Sulfur helps detoxify free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Vegetable fibers helps the body detox, gradually increase the amount of vegetable fibers as your gut adjusts. Leafy greens are also rich in potassium (parsley, basil, kale, spinach) and chromium. Broccoli is  a particularly good source of chromium, and chromium helps control sugar cravings. These also contains a lot of vitamin C. Not that you need that much once you have reduced your sugar load but a little is required for your immune cells to function properly.

2. Egg yolks. (They don’t have to be raw, but the egg white should never be raw – inhibiting protein digestion) – egg yolks is the ultimate multivitamin pill! Egg yolks are also high in cholesterols and good fats that is important for brain function and production of new cells in our body (we produce the remaining 80% our selfs but it helps to have some from food sources to aid our production. Cholesterol levels are genetically programed)

3. Liver (organic) and intestinal foods (extremely rich in minerals and vitamins). It should be high quality liver/organ meat though. Otherwise grass feb beef has some decent amounts of the nutrients available in organ meats..

4. Bone marrow (make home made bone broth/stock) – rich in minerals and other good stuff. Especially helpful if you suffer from intestinal disorders or  fatigue/mineral deficiencies

5. Algae – rich in iodine (anti cancer) and other good stuff (make seaweed salad or add to soup, like miso soup or fish soup)

6. Cheese, especially hard cheese has high levels or vitamin K2 (due to fermentation, all fermented foods are great) which prevents heart disease (and lots of other good stuff!) (Vitamin K2 is required for proper utilization of Vitamin D3)

7. Wild fish (or wild/grass fed meat/butter) high in omega 3 – the strongest preventer or heart disease and inflammatory disease such as arthritis etc. Wild fish eats algae, a rich source of omega3. Omega3 needs to pass through an animal to make longer more beneficial chains. Plant based omega3 has some benefits but not nearly as good as animal based omega3

8. Coconut oil – high in Middle chain triglycerides which prevents dementia and degenerative diseases, use this for frying and cooking (or use butter or other naturally saturated fats)

9. Fermented vegetables and fresh organic herbs – good source of healthy diverse bacteria population

10. Gelatin – good for joints and skin elasticity and intestinal health! (leaky gut..) The amino acids present in gelatin has a inflammation reducing effect, contrary to the amino acids prevalent in muscle meat. More details http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/gelatin.shtml

11. Brazil nuts – high in selenium (eat nuts that grow on trees in general -in moderation though, not in the ground like peanuts which is a legume)

12. Pumpkin seeds – high in zinc (balances copper)

13. Oysters – Very high in zinc

14. Whey protein powder (with less than 4 % carbs) – good for modifying gut bacteria (found to be useful in controlling bacterial pathogens, e.g. Clostridium dificil, and intestinal candidiasis)

15. Organic citrous peal, especially the white stuff (very rich in pectin which is a good/complex prebiotic for a range of bacteria) – make homemade marmalade with stevia and added gelatin.. or add lemon zest on fish etc.

16. Onions, garlic etc. rich in inulin – an other prebiotic and also rich in sulfur (making your eyes burn when chopped as the sulfur gas reacts with the water on the eye creating sulfuric acid..

17. Tomato purée – rich in the antioxidant Lycopene as well as potassium

18. Raw chocolate or very dark chocolate (>90%) – rich in antioxidants and is probably good for you… and enjoyable.

19. Iodine fortified mineral salt (extra important for woman as estrogen inhibits absorption) reduces risk of cancer. Good to replace regular salt as high salt consumption trigger sugar cravings

20. Berberine 500 mg per day – good for reducing blood sugar levels if you are pre diabetic and potentially helpful for Parkinson’s disease by limiting amyloid plaque formation

21. Ground flax seeds/flax seed flour – lowers LDL/bad cholesterol (oats has a similar effect on LDL, but elevates blood sugar too much in many people)

22. Nutritional yeast – good source of B-vitamins and chromium and other minerals which helps control blood sugar and food cravings

23. Avocado is a low sugar fruit and supposedly contains Glutation, one of the most powerful antioxidants. Also there is little toxins in avocados and its healthy fat.

24. Vitamin D supplement, check your blood serum levels, they should be 50-70 ng/ml, supplement to reach these levels. Typical range daily doses are about 5000 IU, but some may need up to 10,000 IU per day. Combine this with as much sun as you can get without burning

25. Extra virgin olive oil – cold – do not heat

26. Apple cider vinegar – good source of potassium (kalium) and make carbs absorb more slowly. Add a splash to your glass of water at dinner.

27. Psyllium seed husk. Good for getting the colon to work properly. Which is helpful when one change diet, which always disrupts digestion.

28. Gelatin, preferably from bone marrow but gelatin powder will work as well as a source of anti-inflammatory amino acids to counteract the antimetabolic acids rich muscle protein we today consume in so high extent. Have at least 1 Tbsp per day in a cup of hot water just before bed time, to sleep better, and slow down the aging process….

29. Cinnamon is claimed to improve insulin sensitivity (good for diabetes II, pre-diabetes and PCOS)

30. Whey – gut flora modifier in combination with a low carb diet rich in green veggies

31. Resistent starch in the form of potato flour – 3 Tbsp per day in a glas of cold water

32. Fats and protein. Have a lot of the safe and beneficial fats (saturated fats and omega3). Gras fed/free range, organic or wild. Saturated fats is the one safe food we consume. (Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and good fibers but are also loaded with natural plant toxins that are present to protect the plant from being digested by bugs etc. Not to mention pesticides). Organic meat, fish, poultry is better as it lowers the toxic load in the fat deposits. Animal protein is a complete (balanced amino-acids) source for protein. We require roughly 1 gram of total protein per kg of lean mass (muscle mass) this is roughly 50 g in normal women and 70 g in men. Sick people and older people may require up to 2.5 gram of total protein per kg of lean mass. In addition to protein a.k.a. building blocks we require energy this is from either sugar (a.k.a. carbs) or fat. Make sure to supplement lean meat with fat (a rich sauce etc) or eat high fat meat/fish.

33. Supplement with Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) 1000 mg per day is good, further overdose if you feel you are coming down with something. Best is to have lemon as well.

34. Chard/Mangold – high in potassium

35. Sunflower seeds high in Vitamin E, copper and selenium, toast and mix with pumpkin seeds which are high in zink and which balances copper.

Some details on how many vitamins tolerate heat exposure http://www.beyondveg.com/tu-j-l/raw-cooked/raw-cooked-2e.shtml

36. Rutabaga – The rutabaga, Majrova,  swede, turnip, yellow turnip, or neep is a root vegetable that originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip. This is high in Myo-insitol which helps regulate hormone balance and increases insulin sensitivity significantly. (Myo-Insitol is also called Insitol or Vitamin B8, we can produce it our self’s but may not get enough)

37. Palm oil – very high in vitamin E


Don’t eat or reduce (the worst once are first):

1. Fructose – discard Agave syrup ASAP if you have any at home. This is 80% pure fructose=pure poison (google it) it damages your liver severely causing insulin insensitivity (which leads to obesity). High fructose corn syrup has 55% fructose and table sugar and honey 51% fructose. All bad. Fructose is a strong oxidizer and oxidation is what ages us. Regular sugar (glucose) is also a strong oxidizer but not nearly as bad as fructose. (Fructose is present in fruit to protect the fruit from insects, it’s a poison!)

2. Wheat – exclude completely, especially if you have migraines, arthritis, autoimmune disease, infertility, back ache, acne, IBS, intestinal disorders and degenerative diseases or suffer from weight problems.. It contiains opiates resembling substances that trigger addictions and triggers over eating.

3. Maltodextrin – is only labeled as a carb though it has a glycemic index of 132. Table sugar only has a GI of around 60.. Maltodextrines are used in supplements, baby foods etc.

4. Trans fats or Hydrogenated fats of any kind.

5. Vegetable oil – all bad especially the hydrogenated once like margarine. They are high in omega6 and highly inflammatory and the main reason for heart disease. These are unsaturated oils that oxidize easily. They oxidize our DNA, making us grow old faster. They also oxidize the cholesterol in our blood vessels which causes heart disease (Cholesterol does not oxidize on its own). http://butterbeliever.com/what-is-pufa/

6. Reduce artificial sweeteners, avoid though it is a better option than sugar. Avoid sweeteners especially without the addition of food, and if you have an addition try to reduce sweet tastes in general. Many artificial sweeteners induce insulin production which is the storage/fat burn blocking hormone. This will make the body utilize only sugar and protein (muscles and bone mass) for fuel, when you run out of sugar to burn (such as during the night if you did not eat anything with the soda..).

7. Avoid flour foods as much as you can. If you are to eat bread chose sourdough, preferably from Rye. The fermentation process alters the gluten into something less toxic.

8. Reduce carbs, and if you have to have carbs, prioritize the gluten free once and have it al dente or al dente/cold (cool down the potato right after cooking, and don’t over cook, producing resistant starch/a type of prebiotic). Reduce carbs if you suffer from weight problems. Carbs consist exclusively of glucose molecules linked together and is pure sugar. Sugar induce insulin production, which is the fat storing hormone. Your body is incapable of utilizing stored fat while insulin is elevated. Many over weight people suffer from chronic insulin resistance a.k.a. constantly elevated insulin and can only utilize sugar as fuel.

9. Soy protein powder, tofu etc. – Soy is a highly processed food that resembles estrogen and severely fucks up your hormonal balance. Girls fed this have their period at the age of 9 and boys don’t develop properly. Some edamame and soy sauce occasionally is totally fine.

10. Reduce legumes such as beans, peanuts etc. The pod of the legumes are much better, such as sugar snap pea pods and haricoverts..

11. Processed meats such as sandwich meat like ham etc. where nitrates has been added to give them a pink color. Cooked meats are naturally gray, not pink. Processed meats are the once associated with cancer. Gras fed organic beef certainly does not have any connections with cancer, quite the contrary. Protein is needed for the final step of toxin excretion.



If you are coming off a high carb diet it is beneficial to take 1000mg Vitmain C per day, once symptoms of systemic inflammation has subsided very little vitamin C is required. But it is not a problem if you eat too much.

Vitamin D. This is the only supplement I take regularly, particularly in the winter. I personally take 5000 IU per day or every second day.  The long term dosage of this hormone is determined by your blood serum concentration of it. Optimal blood serum concentrations should be 50-80 ng/mL, if it is lower while on 5000IU per day, then you need to increase your dosage. If you are suffering from inflammation based disease such as type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s etc. then you are likely deficient and therefor not able to produce sufficient levels (if anything) during the summer months of the year. When the sun is lower on the sky during roughly 6 months of the year, the sun is not strong enough to induce skin production of this inflammation reducing hormone.

Omega 3 – I have more of this during periods when I’m not eating fish regularly or when I have my period (which tent to increase the level of inflammation in the body).

B-vitamin complex. Good to supplement with sometimes, especially if you notice your nails becoming brittle.

Magnesium (400mg) and potassium (400mg), again if you are recently coming off a high carb diet (reducing carbs below 50g per day) then you will be loosing minerals, particularly these minerals. It is good to eat liver to get a good spectra of minerals but good to supplement a little extra with these two and possibly zink (50mg) as well for a while (especially men need a lot of this). These are regarded to be the calming minerals and helps with burnt out syndromes.



Make sure you go to the bathroom regularly, this is where we rid most of the toxins in our system. Constipation lest more of it re absorb. Preferably go first thing every morning. The main reason for constipation is an unhealthy gut flora or inconsistent eating habits (switching foods) and/or magnesium deficiency  Things that can help is supplementing with psyllium seed husk (lots of health food products on the web, I like Ultra Detox, recommended by Sanna Ehdin), supplementing with magnesium (400-800 mg at bed time) and 1000 mg Vitamin C. Drinking sufficiently and belly breaths or physical activity may help. Vitamin C from food is better than the pill.

Have a lot of vegetables, and some protein. Vegetable smoothies is a good way (blending rather then juicing to include the fibers which is of major importance). Eat high amounts of vegetable fibers daily, increase amount slowly, letting your gut flora adapt. Combine this with a animal protein source (compete protein) which is required for final excretion of mobilized/processed toxins.

Increase the nights fasting window. Don’t eat 3 hours before night time. Do 24-36 hours fasts occasionally (only consuming water, tea and coffee), it is good to sleep a lot on connection to this. It is beneficial to do fasts or regular shorter fasts (“Intermittent fasting”) while following a low carb program as you will not experience as strong energy fluctuations, rather the contrary. Wile fasting the body has time to do maintenance on your system (instead of constant every two hours focus n digestion such as in carb eaters). During intermittent fasting the body primarily degrades damaged muscle tissue and abnormal cell formation (cancerous) which is then replaced with healthy tissue when you eat again.

Sweating – sauna (IR) and exercise

Donate blood or particularly blood serum after two weeks of a detox program, this will have a lot of the toxins released in your blood stream, which would otherwise be re deposited (and you do a potentially dying person a favor)

Breath with your belly not your upper chest to ventilate your lungs properly. Stress makes us breath with the top part of our chest, as if we are sprinting. Breathing properly with your belly massages your organs and ensures proper blood flow etc. Breathing yoga is a very good alternative.

Reduce  toxicity load, such as e.g. reduce the amount of plastics used in cooking and keep an eye on the type of plastics you use in general (there is a number on the bottom of the item worth looking up)

Exclude alcohol consumption and other stimulants such as caffeine for a 1-2 weeks giving your liver a rest and an opportunity to purge itself from fat deposits (fatty liver..)

Eat coconut oil to give your liver a break (middle long fatty acids do not need to go via the liver for pre use processing), coconut oil is also anti viral and anti fungal.

Supplement with Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) 1000 mg per day is good (if you eat low carb you need much less), further overdose if you feel you are coming down with something.

Eat whey protein powder for 2 weeks, three times a day while increasing the amount of green vegetables you have. Whey is anti fungal and reduces growth of some pathogenic bacteria.

Stretch and use your muscles (yoga?), and do 20 minutes of extreme interval training once every 7 to 10 days (15-20 second 100% capacity sprints). This should take no more then 20 minutes including warm up.

Stop taking Statins if you are on it or reduce dosage by ten times (5 mg rather then 50 mg, reduces side effects while maintaining the same level if anti-inflammatory effect)

Hair mineral analysis a potentially a good way of finding out heavy metal loading, such as copper, lead, mercury, cadmium etc. Through this you learn what specific minerals you need to supplement and take to balance high levels of certain metals (e.g. zink is one of the minerals that balances copper over accumulation). This is good to look up if you have large problems losing weight or suffer from other symptoms…

Baking soda baths (baking soda can be bought at very low cost in the right shops, asian supermarkets and on-line)?

Dry brushing?

Plenty of water

Lymph massage?

Clay masks..?


Key to health:

A strong fat metabolism is what is key to health and reduces the toxicity load just by not utilizing sugar in the same extent for energy production. Sugar is yet fuel for fight and flight. It is a back up system that does not require oxygen to burn and can help us to get out of life threatening situations.  Fat metabolism is what we are born with(mothers milk is ketogenic) and what we have adapted for during hundreds of thousands of years, while we were hunters and gatherers. A strong fat metabolism is key to longevity and aging with honer. A strong fat-metabolism is also stabilizing on mood swings and focus/attention (sugar dips hurt attention capacity).

Regular exposure to other peoples bacteria (except for sick people and health care workers who often are carriers of bad bacteria). We need to have at least 250 different species to be healthy and to produce a healthy immune system (the immune system in produced and programmed in the gut). With the use of antibiotics, especially in children, we often have way less amount of species than 250. Variety is key, so expose your self and your kid to dirty little creatures such as babies and animals, and home grown non washed veggies and herbs/home made standard fermented veggies.. It takes a lot of time to re-establish a healthy gut flora.

Breath properly, sleep properly (dark cool room) and fast occasionally. 12 to 36 hours water (or tea, coffee if you like) fasts are beneficial for improved maintenance on our systems and reduced risk of cancer.

Have specific veggies with regularity. Regularity turns vegetable fibers into superfoods.


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