Fructose the new component in our diet

Looking at main change in our diet the last 30 years and is believed to be a main cause of insulin insensitivity. When insulin are elevated we tend to store a bigger amount of the calories that we consume rather then use them for fuel. When less of the calories are available to burn then we stay hungry or in a starvation mood. And we eat more – sugar? And while insulin stays elevated, which it typically does if you are insulin insensitive then the cells will only utilize sugar or possibly protein converted to sugar (our muscles) and not stored fat, as fuel. Thus under period while you don’t eat every 2 hours, like when you sleep the body degrades muscle and bone tissue rather then fat.

If you lower carbohydrate and sugar + fructose consumption insulin levels comes down and insulin sensitivity improves. The hormone leptin that regulates appetite is also stabilized to function properly. To loose weight on a high carb diet you need to eat small enough amounts of calories that will make sure insulin levels do not increase and this is done by starvation level diet.

If you eat a high protein, low fat, low carb diet then excess protein will be converted into sugar to be burnt. Best is protein in combination with fat, and if you have a lot of fat to loose the best fat is coconut fat and olive oil, which are different to the saturated fat in animals and our own fat deposits, and easier to burn. Also you already have plenty of saturated fats accessible in that case. With lowered insulin levels you will be able to tap into these fat deposits, and this it why it is better to choose fat over sugar.

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