Hair – silicone, mineral oil, sulphate free washing

Day 1 – Greasy hair challenge

My hair gets greasy in less then a day. I have to wash it every day. Now I am going to try all the tips and tricks I’ve come across to see if I can improve this situation. Regular hair care shampoo and conditioners contains silicones that coat the hair making it look shiny. Strong surfactants and sulphates are required to remove this layer that build up and to clan the hair. These are aggressive and damaging for the hair, but if you dont need to wash too often the silicone may potentially have a protective effect on the hair. In my case I need to wash my hair daily and thoroughly for it to look clean and this has a damaging effect on my hair. If I can continue by washing my hair daily with less damaging products, just this would be a success. My hope is of course that I will be able to wash only every second or third day, but I’ll take what I can get.

I believe a greasy hair is the result of  hormone balance, stress and external stress form aggressive washing products. I will during coming weeks try to balance all three of these factors. A low carb diet where I will supplement with whey protein powder which is a natural antimicrobial from milk. “the milk whey protein used in the shakes is high in lactoferrin, a protein found useful in controlling bacterial pathogens, e.g. Clostridium dificil, and intestinal candidiasis” E.g. intestinal yeast overgrowth. I tried this 6 months ago and had a major improvement of my skin, getting rid of my perioral dermatitis skin rash that have been dealing with many years and normally can only handle with antibiotics over longer time periods. After a trip to Italy where I could not resist all the temptations of pasta with truffle oil, calzone and pastries the rash slowly returned.. Now I will re start this cure of eating whey protein powder for 5 weeks combined with fermented vegetables and fresh organic salad and herbs. I will eat a lot of fish, saturated fats (cocoanut oil) and cholesterol (eggs). Yoga, meditation, vagus nerve stimulation and muscle training will also be part of my routine.

The good thing is that my skin and hair serve as a means to monitor how my inside is doing. If I can heal these two, then I know I’m on the right track.

I started this day with a coconut milk, whey protein shake  with a almond butter whey protein ball and will now perform a final wash using Swiss o-par Teebaumöl shampoo which contains Laureth Sulfate but no silicone and hopefully no mineral oil. Coming days I will be washing with shampoos free of all three of these compounds as well as alcohol free while my scalp alms down a notch.

Will be using one of these shampoos

Also here is a nice overview of what natural hair care means (this is a google translate of the post in swedish).


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