Just a little review of what’s actually the cause of poor health and heart disease

Oh btw. maltodextrin just happens to have a glycemic index of 130 (table sugar is only 65)… but is not regarded as a sugar but as a carbohydrate. So its apparently fine to add to sugar replacer products, baby food etc. Cause it’s not a sugar. Never mind carbohydrates are just a long link of glucose, degraded into just that the second it hits your gut.. But still thats glucose. Something we are designed to metabolise in times of crisis. Like when you have to sprint from a lion, etc. Fructose on the other hand, we dont know how to metabolize and its only the liver that knows to handle it. It causes worse damage though on the liver then good old alcohol. And oh, agave – thats fructose on steroids with its 90% fructose content, never mind its organic and “natural”. Fructose also happen to spike your insulin levels..and while insulin is high sugar is what your cells want to digest, and if there is no sugar around (like when you take a nap and stop eating) then they turn to protein – lean tissue and bone matrix. And no, calcium is not the ley to strong bones as you all have been told. The ability to utilize fat as fuel is what keeps your bones intact. That is, normal insulin levels, a.k.a no insulin resistance like the majority of us have with our high full grain “healthy”, high sugar, high agave, high fruit, one piece of veggie a day and skimmed milk. And oh, btw. heart disease is caused by omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (omeg6PUFA). These unstable Factory-processed PUFA oils are extracted with high heat and extreme pressure, exposing the oil to all sorts of oxidative damage, polished off with a good dumping of chemical solvents to get every last bit of that profit-producing oil out of the seeds, or corn, or soy. Excessive inflammation in the body from PUFAs happens because of the presence of free radicals from the processing which renders them rancid. The free radicals cuts up the cholesterol in the arteries, creating debris that further cause inflammation finally ending up in in plaque formation. The amount of cholesterol each individual has is programed by genetics. What we can’t get from food, we make ourselves, usually thats about 80% of it that we make ourselves. The only reason that cholesterol would be higher or lower is because of metabolic diseases such for instance some kids born with an inability to produce cholesterol themselves, leading to mental retardation – cause the brain consists almost exclusively of cholesterol. Cholesterol is our friend and saturated fat (and fermented vegetables) is the only food that does not harm us. Finally. The reason for breast feeding is not for bonding and cosy closeness that fathers feel excluded from, nature designed breastmilk to be a antimicrobial, perfect nutritional high fat food specific for that species offspring. Its designed to help the baby establish a healthy gut flora with about 250 different species that will produce the enzymes to degrade all sorts of different foods. And while the baby roam around the sandbox eating dirt the milk make sure (or does it’s best) that no pathogens and parasites can settle in their intestines. While formula feeds any kind of creatures that can make it down that little food intake. Cows milk is antibacterial and is designed to establish a healthy calves gut flora. High fat (low sugar) cheese and yoghurt are safe to consume…


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