Some quick comments on Parkinsons, how to slow down it’s progression and somewhat reverse it

1. MCT oil is most important for the remaining brain cells to stay fueled and resistant to the amyloid plaque that are the actual progressor of the disease. 3-5 Tbsp per day.
2. Vitamin D – the anti inflammatory hormone. We require very high concentrations of this, diet does not nearly suffice and sun does not induce production in older people of people with inflammatory disease such as parkinson etc. There is little research done as one cannot patent a natural hormone but we know that we need high levels of this hormone in our system so get the doctor to check his levels. He will be deficient so he should start with taking minimum 5000 IU per day with fat (for good absorption)
(I take 5000 IU per day currently) I buy 2500U pills from Prozis web shop
3. Reduce sugars, refined as well as natural, they are all the same glucose liked to fructose. Fructose blocks the liver and damage the detox system of the body worse then alcohol. Replace sweeteners with Stevia, Truvia or Xylitol.
4. Reduce bread and gluten but also milk specifically the low fat once. Does he have to eat bread then choose a thin slize of rye sour dough. Fermentation reduces the toxicity of all foods. Gluten protein – less toxic by sourdough, milk protein – yoghurt, plant toxins – sauerkraut, etc.
5. Milk protein is suspected to be negative in Parkinson’s so reduce milk protein, this by stop using milk in coffee etc and use the very high fat products (protein and sugar diluted). Times magazine recently wrote an article on butter about how the milk fat does not cause heart disease. Cheese and mascarpone (to make thick sauces), etc are good.
6. Increase consumption of fat, meat and intestinal foods. Gelatin is highly anti-inflammatory.. very long but fascinating read
Liver, heart, kidneys, bone marrow. this is what builds us up. Veggies are good briefly for detox but does not strengthen the body, only the fibers really have positive effect on our health the toxins are a burden for our liver etc. Fermented veggies are good. Especially for polish people 😉 (your super food by in-heritage)
7. Stop using sunflower oil, rape seed oil etc. these are very high in omega 6 and rancid and highly inflammatory. They counter act the omega 3 in your system.  Cook in coconut oil, animal fat or butter. Use olive, avocado or MCT oil on salads, cold.
Eat omega 3 pills!
I usually blend it in a small cup with 1-2 Tbsp greek high fat yoghurt (10%), some cinnamon, ONE drop of stevia and well usually I add 1 tsp of potato flour as this in cold shape consists of 100% resistant starch. Here is a totally fascinating (and pretty) video explaining. (one gets gassy when you start so start slow, I ow eat about 3 Tsbp per day 🙂

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